knee guards

In certain professions knee guards have become an indispensable item of protective equipment. Anyone who regularly spends a lot of time kneeling on one or both knees is at significant risk of developing chronic knee disorders. The excessive pressure brought to bear by long periods of kneeling can cause problems such as fluid build-up, tissue swelling, loose joints and associated arthritic conditions. Knee guards also protect against injuries and inflammation caused by hard surfaces, pieces of gravel and other objects on the ground.

Mould A Foam knee guards conform to international standards and, unlike many guards on the market, offer strong protection while allowing maximum freedom of movement. If knee guards are an uncomfortable fit they will not be used!

Professionals who should consider knee guards include: blacksmiths, boatbuilders, carpenters, construction workers, decorators, electricians, heating and ventilation engineers, interior decorators, joiners, landscape and garden workers, loaders/ground handlers, mechanical engineers, mechanics, metal workers, parquet and laminate floor layers, plasterers, roofers, scaffolders, tilers and vehicle assembly workers.